Why is wedding dresses so expensive?

Why is wedding dresses so expensive?

After a few weeks of spending a lot of money on wedding dresses online, many couples may find themselves thinking of moving on to a different, more affordable option.

A recent study found a third of Australian couples have considered shopping for wedding dresses without the wedding registry.

The study, conducted by research firm Gartner, also found that 40 per cent of Australian families were considering not using the registry.

“It’s just been a bit of a rollercoaster for a lot and it’s been a little bit of an outlier,” bride Kate Hill said.

“I’ve been really struggling with that.”

The survey asked couples how much they spent on their wedding dresses.

Nearly a quarter of them said they spent around $30,000 to $40,000.

Some people will be saving up to buy a dress online, and others may be saving for a wedding registry online.

“We’ve been buying wedding dresses on our own, and I think the one thing that we’ve realised is that the only way to really save on wedding planning is to do it online,” bride Jessica said.

She added that the cost of the dress is also a factor.

“You can’t just do it on your own, it’s a little more complicated,” Ms Hill said, but she was still considering it.

“At the moment, I’m pretty sure I’ll do it and it will be worth it.”

Ms Hill, who works in IT, said she was looking to buy her own wedding dress for her parents’ wedding.

“When they have a wedding, I can’t wait to go for a walk around the neighbourhood and see how they like it, how they feel about it, and the colours,” she said.

Ms Hill’s fiance and groom both said the dress she was considering buying online would be an affordable option if it came to the $30 to $50 price range.

“The wedding dress you’re thinking about buying online, I think that’s a pretty reasonable price,” bride Michelle said.

“[But] if I go and get a dress from a store, then it’s probably going to be a little less.”

Ms Smith said she had spent around the $50,000 mark on her wedding dress.

“My first dress was a lot more expensive than the one I’m considering,” she added.

“So it was a little different.

It was a bit more expensive, but I was happy with it, so I just decided to go with that and buy a better dress.”

While some people may not be able to save that much for their wedding, others may have to be careful what they choose.

“A lot of people that are thinking about getting married will have to think about buying wedding accessories and things like that, so you need to be aware that they’re going to need to have a bit less than what you’re looking at,” Ms Smith added.

Wedding dress sales online are growing, but not as quickly as you might think Source: ABC News | The Australian Financial Review | The Age article “The price you pay will depend on how much you spend and the quality of your dress,” said Ms Hill.

“There’s a lot you can buy online that’s not going to get you that much bang for your buck.”

Some online brides are saving money, but others are struggling to find the right dress online for their needs.

For those looking for a cheaper alternative, one local wedding registry is now offering some online wedding dresses for free.

Bride Jessica said that while her parents will have an amazing wedding, she had not been able to spend a lot on the dress.

The registry was looking for dresses to dress the bride and groom for the wedding, so she could “just have a nice dress that they can wear and look great in”.

“They’re going out and they’re getting dressed, so they’re having a good time and I’m just going to dress them for the day, which they’ll look fantastic in,” Ms Hall said.


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