How to DIY a Maine Wedding Dress from Home

I’ve been asked this question countless times in my life.

How do you dress up your wedding day for the whole family?

I mean, I don’t mind if you have to dress it up yourself or buy your own.

But what if you need to dress up a wedding night for your husband and kids?

That’s where DIY Maine Wedding Covid Dress Kits come in.

They come in two sizes, and they’re both $45.

They’re also available at most department stores and on Etsy. 

I wanted to start with a couple tips for making the most of this DIY Maine wedding dress.

First, be sure you’re wearing a wedding dress that you’ve made yourself.

You can also make your own from the fabric, which can be a little less expensive. 

And, for some reason, I love when wedding planners ask for “tips and tricks” on how to dress a bride and groom.

These tips and tricks will save you so much time and frustration. 

So, how do you make your Maine wedding night special?

I know you already know the basic steps to making your own Maine wedding dresses, but I want to go into detail with the DIY Maine dress kits. 


Wash and rinse your wedding dress First, get it all dry. 

Put it on your favorite dryer to dry completely.

I’m a big fan of a low-heat oven.

You’ll be surprised how much it can soak up the fragrance of your floral arrangements. 

Wash your gown.

It’s not necessary, but you can soak it in a bowl of hot water for a couple of minutes, if you want. 

If you don’t have a towel handy, you can use a dry cloth. 

Then, wrap it in an old-fashioned cotton blanket.

I like to put one in the bottom of the closet to dry while the other hangs out the window. 

Once dry, take it to the dryer. 


Dye your wedding gown for a special day Next, you want to dye your gown with a high-shine, natural dye called Covid-19.

Covid is a bacteria that’s found in the lungs and causes the body to produce a range of chemicals.

It also causes allergies, asthma and more. 

You can buy the dye online and use it to make your wedding dresses for up to five people, but if you don, it’s more cost-effective to buy it locally. 

Make sure to follow all the directions on the bottle, and follow the directions closely. 


Dry your gown and finish it with glitter Next up, you’ll want to make glitter for your gowns. 

Glow is a glitter that you can buy at your local makeup counter.

It’ll be lighter than other types of glitter, and it can help add a sparkle to your gown for the perfect color combination. 

In addition, you may also want to use glitter glue, which is the same stuff you use to glue your wedding band. 

Use a large flat-bottomed paint brush and dab it on to the underside of your gown, leaving a tiny bit of glitter glue all over. 

After the glitter dries, you’re ready to put on your wedding shoes. 


Tie your gown together with fabric Finally, you have two pieces of fabric to tie together.

You want to be sure to tie your wedding to the top of the dress so the kids can dance. 

First things first, take your wedding fabric and put it on the front of your dress.

You should have about two inches of fabric at the front. 

Now, take the top part of the fabric and tie it to your dress with string. 

When you’re done tying, you should have two layers of fabric. 

This should look like a knot, and you’ll be able to see the two layers when the dress is on your shoulders. 


Spray your wedding with glitter and finish Now that you have your flowers and your flowers, you are ready to go.

Spray glitter onto the flowers and finish the ceremony with glitter. 

The glitter is very hard to find in a pharmacy or beauty supply store.

I prefer buying it online. 


Wear your wedding for your wedding at a bar, church, or church picnic Now you’re finished with your wedding, it is time to wear your gown at a cocktail party, picnic, or a wedding reception. 

Don’t forget to wear shoes and socks. 


Wear wedding gowns at weddings for special occasions After your wedding is done, wear your wedding costumes for your special occasions. 

Do not wear your dress for any formal events, weddings, or special events.

You may want to wear it for your church or to your local wedding planner to make sure the decorations are lined up correctly. 


Take a picture of your wedding


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